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Cloth Diaper Checklist

There are a lot of cloth diaper accessories out there and it can be hard to tell what you really need to cloth diaper your baby. Here’s a simple list of the essentials and a few "nice to haves".

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  • CLOTH DIAPERS - See our list of How Many Cloth Diapers to Buy - Quantity: Varies by age & type of diaper
  • INSERTS or DOUBLERS (for extra absorbency. Cotton = Good, Bamboo = Better, Hemp = Best) - Quantity: 3 to 5
  • DIAPER PAIL LINER or LARGE WET BAG (for storing dirty diapers) - Quantity: 2
  • DIAPER PAIL or 13 GALLON TRASH CAN (for use ONLY with diaper pail liners) - Quantity: 1
  • DIAPER RASH CREAM - See our list of Recommended Cloth Diaper Rash Creams - Quantity: 2
  • DETERGENT - See our list of Recommended Cloth Diaper Detergents - Quantity: 1 - 10 lb box every 5 to 8 months


In addition to the items listed above, there are a few other things you may consider puchasing to make your cloth diapering life a little easier.

  • WET BAG (for storing dirty diapers on the go) - Quantity: 1 Small
  • DISPOSABLE DIAPER LINERS (for ease in changing dirty diapers on the go) - Quantity: Varies
  • NIGHTTIME CLOTH DIAPER COMBOS (for keeping baby dry thru the night at 6 mos+. PUL = Good. Fleece = Better. Wool = Best.) - See our list of Recommended Cloth Diaper Nighttime Combos - Quantity: 3
  • WOOL WASH or LANOLIN (for cleaning wool items) - Quantity: 3
  • WOOL DRYER BALLS (to soften diapers, remove static & dry cloth diapers faster) - Quantity: 2 pairs
  • BAKING SODA or TEA TREE OIL (to kill odor causing bacteria in your diapers and in your diaper pail) - Quantity: 2
  • RLR LAUNDRY TREATMENT, CALGON, or OXYCLEAN (to help clean diapers in hard water areas) - Quantity: Varies