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  1. Mother-ease Air Flow™ Snap Cover


    Finally! A leak-free cloth diaper cover that allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves, reducing the risk of bacteria. Learn More

  2. Pooters™ One-size Contour Diaper

    Pooters™ One-size Contour Diaper

    A one-size super trim and durable contour diaper - able to fit almost any size baby. Secure with a diaper pin or SNAPPI for fast diaper changes.

    For babies 6 months or older, we recommend adding a Pooters Hemp Insert or Pooters Stay-Dry Reversible Insert to increase absorbency.

    *TIP: Add a Pooters Hybrid Cover for a leak-free fit.
    Learn More

  3. Pooters™ One Size Leak-Free Fitted

    Larger baby fold

    Out of stock

    Pooters One Size Fitted Diapers are fitted diapers made from natural fibers to provide you with a leak-proof, long-lasting cloth diaper. Each diaper comes with a snap-in insert, and a lay-in booster to create 6 thirsty layers of absorbency.

    *Note: This diaper needs a cover.

    Buy it. Try it. If you don't have a leak-free experience, return it in 30 days for a full refund.

    55% Hemp - Holds 18 ounces. Has a rough hemp feel.
    70% Bamboo - Holds 14 ounces. Has a soft cotton feel.

    Buy 6 or more and SAVE 10%.

    *TIP: Pair with a Pooters Hybrid PUL Cover for a leak-free nighttime combo. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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